My Sleep Schedule Sucks!

Now that I am home 24/7 instead of working and going to school, I can’t seem to get my sleep schedule on track. I’m in bed no later than 11:45pm, but I’m not shutting my eyes until 4am, 6am, or at all. On a normal day, I was going to bed by 1am, waking up at 7am for work, or at 8:30am for school. I have tried setting an alarm for 9am, but I sleep through it and I’m absolutely exhausted if I do hear it going off. I took melatonin the other night and fell asleep at midnight, but was awoken from a bad storm at 2:30am. Maybe I can try the melatonin again and get myself into a routine. I’d ideally like to be awake before 10am to make a good breakfast, enjoy the morning for some time, get work done, and have the rest of the day to relax and not stress about deadlines. It’s possible to do and I have been trying every night, but it will take time for sure. I see other people awake on social media and feel relieved that I’m not the only one, but who’s to say they’re sleeping all day?

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